Monday, January 24, 2011

A World of Dick!

In World of Warcraft I have spent many many hours just sitting in a major city talking in Trade chat trolling anybody willing to call me out for my dickish tendencies. While I do believe that pure chat based trolling is the lowest form of trolling, sometimes you gotta work with what is available.
A "debate" in the world of warcraft field is, "which is more important, gear or skill?". MOST players can agree that a little bit of gear is important, but it is the skill of the player that is more important, that is unless you agree with me. I play a different tune, my theory is that neither gear nor skill is important, what makes a player a good player is all dependent on one thing, the sex of the player.
That is right, I would continually tell everybody in trade chat that they are all wrong, I am the only person in the whole game that understands what it really takes to be a good player, and people didn't seem to really like this take on skill.
One particularly mad fellow once implied that I had a deep seeded hatred of women, which is why I had this theory on the skill of other players. I had to set his mind at ease by reminding him that I LOVE his mother almost every night and she is, by all definitions, a woman. He was of course ever so pleased with me for the reminder and thanked me in a most peculiar manner, he reported me and got me banned for a few hours.

I knew he meant it in the nicest way possible.

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