Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The first dicking!

Okay, being a continuous browser of the interwebs I have quite the amount of experience with Dickings and people hitting DICKSTATUS, this blog is a way for me to tell people about the DICKSTATUS experiences I live through, and hopefully to entertain with these stories. Let me go ahead and start this off....

So on the daily I do two things, play LoL and play WoW... While doing these things, I am often forced to encounter the scum of the earth, TRY HARDS! Don't get me wrong, I love TRY HARDS, who the heck would I troll if they didn't exist? BUT on occasion, even I tire of the constant stress of the TRY HARDS, and thus, I must make their life even harder than usual.

A specific case of this was when I was playing LoL, just another day of me pwning face and such, I was being dick status with a character who is known for being just that, Teemo, and while I was sitting there doing nothing and being invisible, I noticed in chat somebody yelling something most peculiar, "Fucking Teemo is being a dick, he takes no skill, he is probably just sitting stealth right now waiting to gank somebody!" While at first I was amazed he guessed my current strategy, I then grew aware of the potential trolling that could be done to this already angry individual, with this realization I commented, "Dude, I will fight you 1v1 in mid, if you are up for it! .... YOU TRY HARD" I then told my teammates to wait in the bushes by mid of course... and this TRY HARD could not resist the challenge, and came to mid. As soon as he arrived, he typed, "Come on out!" and with that call, my team ran out... during this time i am of course staying completely invisible and watching the horror unfold and when i see his health reach an all time low, i jump out and steal the kill. By this point THE DICK had been thoroughly passed out, and my trolling had reached critical mass, all to be seen in chat was this TRY HARD yelling and being angry, all i had to say is, "Atleast I proved I can beat you 1v1."