Sunday, January 16, 2011

Once upon a dick

I wasn't always the dick I am today, there was a time where I was an overly temperamental, easily trolled, and extremely angry young gamer. At this point in my life, online games were pretty much a constant fight for two things, being the best and not getting angry.
At this point, I didn't even know what "trolling" was, let alone being trolled. I only knew that I was getting angry, and to an extreme degree. For example, one of the first online FPS that I played was Counter Strike Source, or CSS, in this game I was trolled constantly for the longest time, day in and day out, I was called a TRY HARD, i raged, i was called a SCRUB, I raged, I was called a NEWB, a BK RANDY, and a NO SKILL, I raged.
One specific instance was in a game of CSS, we were playing on my favorite map at the time, DE_DUST2, which is just a normal Death Match map. I was 23-0, doing one of the best games I have had up to this point, and yet I couldn't enjoy it at all, for, much to my dismay, the enemy team had something much worse than any skilled player, a troll. This man did not care about kill/death ratios, wins or losses, he cared only about making people angry. At the end of every match, he would always comment on how he beat me, or made me his bitch, though his kill/death ratio was not positive, he seemed to be having the most fun in that whole game! I could not have been more angry, my caps lock had never had such a work out! Right before the left the game he left with me some words of wisdom, "Trevorlol, you are a newb, and i look forward to pwning you again."

I was mad.


  1. lol trolling the greatest gaming skill there is. CSS was so fun 4 trolling