Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Merry Dicktmas and a Happy New Dicking

Okay, on the week before Christmas I begged my father for the game many of us are fans of, Minecraft! He said okay, but it counted as a Christmas present, and with this present came a special gift, the gift of a game full of new victims.
So from the day i got this game into the week following Christmas I dedicated at least some time every day to going online in this game and griefing. For you people who do not know, griefing for minecraft is when you go onto a server and destroy things people have built or are building. This always entertained me as even if they did ban me, i knew the damage i made would still have to be repaired....
Out of all my greifings I have a few specific occasions I really enjoyed and this is one of them. I went onto some random Minecraft server i found online that was named something stupid like "LOLTROLLZONEnoGRIEFING" or "HappyFUNbuildingLAND!" ... I forget which. Anyways, i get in there and the first thing I see is this man building a HUGE airplane in the middle of the sky. For this, he had built a stair set all the way up from the ground, and then platforms for him to use around his airplane, which i have to admit was quite clever. I started this session with a lil stair set destruction... i went up the stairset destroying every block i walked up after I had passed it. By the time i got to the top the guy had noticed my work on his stair set and had already been yelling at me in chat, saying such threatening things as "I know the admins and i will tell on you!" , "I eat griefers for breakfast, come at me bro!", or even "Thanks for the improvements on the stair set, brah.". As he was yelling at me for breaking his stair set I went hard at work destroying his beautiful airplane, but let me tell you, this thing was huge! I had to build my own platforms while tearing his down just to get around this thing! After it was completely destroyed an admin finally logged on to the server, as soon as I saw this player joined I exclaimed, "OMG CAN SOMEBODY GET AN ADMIN, THIS GUY IS DESTROYING MY AIRPLANE!" The admin, seeing a player in distress, banned the player who had actually built the air plane, and added me as a steam friend so I could message him if any more griefers show up.      It was a good day.


  1. Lmfao, I love the fact that he got banned and not you. Good dicking you dick!

  2. Love that, what an amazing dicking. I'm surprised so many people just love building stuff when Legos can be so available. Awesome job.

  3. I have no respect for griefers.
    Today is a sad day. ;-;