Saturday, January 15, 2011


DISCLAIMER: I can not be held accountable for any of the dickings I do as I was not loved enough as a child.

In WoW there is one town where RP (role playing) is most frequented, this town is Goldshire. Now me and my friend Shonzo make it an almost constant mission to go to this place and troll every RP'er we can find.

Shonzo has a very different approach to trolling than myself. Where i like to go in, think a little, and formulate a trolling maneuver, he prefers to go in, guns a blazing, and just spam whatever insult he can think of first. In this case, that insult was "Your mom".
So we were in Goldshire, Shonzo spamming "Your mom" and me just standing beside him, nude, dancing. We are just strolling around the place, trolling around the place, when we get this one fellow who above all else made himself ample trolling material. As Shonzo was spamming "your mom" this man yells from inside the Inn, "Nah brah, YOUR MOM!" and with this, we set off to the Inn.
We get inside this Inn to see this guy just standing in the middle of the room, apparently waiting for us. Shonzo goes back to his spamming, while I wait for my moment to strike. So this man is spending his time yelling at Shonzo and Shonzo is spending his time yelling "your mom". After about 5 minutes, the guy says, "I hope you guys get banned!", Shonzo, being the witty guy he is said, "Your mom got banned." The man replied, " My mom is dead!" This is where I could not resist... I came in with a "Well i guess she got banned from life!"
...he logged off, and i was banned for a week.
...worth it...

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