Monday, January 24, 2011

A Diablo Dicking Tale

As I appear to still be in a nostalgic mood I have decided to pull out another classic multiplayer troll fest, Diablo 2. In Diablo 2 there is a GREAT PvP system where you can attack anybody who is not grouped with you as long as you are not in town, let me go ahead and say now, I wish every game had a system such as this.
This game also has another system that I like to call the "False Sense of Security" system. You see, the only way to not be able to be attacked by a player is to put them in a group with you, but this grouping system is too fragile to be a legitimate party system as all it takes is one click to leave group and turn all teammates into enemies.
Okay, as I am far to civilized a troll to allow myself to give into such trivial trolling maneuvers as to just join a server and start killing the players inside, I usually find myself using a strategy such as,
 1. Earn Trust
2. Take Into dungeon
3. Take to boss
4. Leave party
5. ?????
6. Profit!

Using this strategy I lure many the "ally" to their doom! A particular instance was when I was playing my favorite character, my Necromancer who is obviously named Necrophiliac. Well I joined a server of 3 people who were still doing first world, I was a VERY high level compared to them! I offered to help them and of course they accepted immediately. I led them through the whole first world, getting them all the way to the final boss before I made a note of how much work I was doing for such little self gain. One of them told me how much they appreciated what I was doing for them and how nice I was being, the other two made fun of him for being a suck up. I told this new found follower of mine to head back to town to grab me some potions, he left and the attack begun! I left the group, slain my teamate, killed and looted the final boss, and still had time to type "LOLOLOLOLOL" repeatedly in chat.
I made a new follower that day.
I also made 2 people have to restart a whole world.

Mission Successful.

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