Friday, January 14, 2011


Another online game that I often find myself trolling is the zombie survival shooter named Left 4 Dead 2. Now this game is extremely easy to troll as it is VERY team oriented and is impossible to beat without at least a little bit of team work, this being said, I don't much care if I win.
While I was playing this yesterday online with some BK RANDYS (bad kid randoms) I was just going through the level, not saying anything to anybody and helping all my teammates as they needed it, but this was soon to change. As we were heading to the first safe house, which is like checkpoints in this game, I pulled out a lil dick strategy from my, always on hand, Mobile Dicking Manual, this particular dicking strategic maneuver has to do with the first aid kits. Let me tell you something about first aid kits, the whole time you are using the first aid kits on your allies, rather they want you to or not, they can not move.... oh man. So as we are all running towards the safe house, i turn around, pick the last person in this row of allies, and start using a med kit on him, rendering him unable to move. Now I never actually let this med kit finish, as i release it every time right before it actually heals him, and start it over, meaning he is just sitting there, trying to get away, as I am keeping him completely immobilized. I keep this up for about a minute when, as I had hoped, a hoard of zombie appeared out of no where. By this time, my allies have very mixed emotions, some of them think this display of shenanigans is quite hilarious, while the guy who I have standing out in the open during the zombie attack doesn't seem to enjoy it quite as much. This man is yelling, typing in caps lock, shooting randomly around in some maniac attempt to break free from my wrath, but it's all for none, the zombies soon over take him, kill him, and while they are eating his brains, I run to the safety of the Safe House and complete the stage.

He rage quit and I never saw him again.


  1. Hahaha good trolling my friend!!! I liked blowing my friends up in MAG

  2. ahahah that's funny!
    Anyways, you seem like a funny dude, I'll follow and support :)

  3. Lmfao. This is why I never play L4d2.