Monday, January 17, 2011


I feel like the way I have been describing myself it appears I only dick people through the internet, I would like to assure you this is not the case. I am constantly dicking people I know in real life too in video games of all varieties. This is nothing new, I have been dicking my friends in video games since fucking middle school! I remember when I used to play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory with my ole friend Eric Dustin! Soooo many good memories! Shit was awesome, we used to fuck with each other the whole time, we would be sneaking down a hall way, being quiet and shit, trying to get past guards then I'd shoot him in the back with a stun dart and he would get killed by the guards, awhhh, good times.
We were actually terrible at this game, and we never beat it, but it was some of the most fun I ever had playing video games. We were actually pretty obsessed with this game, and every time we hung out near an xbox we would try to beat this fucking game, but we could not stop dicking eachother long enough to do it! There was one part where we were on a ledge tryign to jump on each others head to jump up to a window, but I would always initiate the jump to make it throw him off the ledge and take damage! We were just a terrible team...

and he was so mad.

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  1. lol reminds me of the time i played halo campaign with 3 mates anyway once they all died i went and stood near a cliff as soon as the respawned they fell off said cliff. : ) lol