Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I think it's time to give you guys a little better insight to the kind of person I really am. I will use an example from a huge part of my life, World of Warcraft. Okay, in WoW I play a Human Holy Paladin, the healer of all healers, (alliance4lyfe) and pretty much all I do is PvP. This of course means Arena, Battle Grounds, and World PvP. The most common of these for me is BGs, and this is simply because I hate The Alliance. Why do I play a character for the faction I despise? This is simply, it is much easier to troll from the inside.
Let me tell you about my average BG. I start every BG by spamming a strategy that I, and everybody with any sense, can tell is a completely terrible idea, BUT a small amount of my allies will see my gear, think I am legit, and follow my strategy to the end. Now that I have them out of the way, it's time to get the rest of them. I of course follow the main group once the BG starts and let the idiots who followed my strategy die straight away. While following the rest of the group they are empowered with a false sense of security seeing such a well geared healer following them around, this makes them do stupid things, like expect me to actually heal them, so the rest of the game for me is spent following people around, casting heals on myself, and /laughing at anybody who actually thought i would heal them.

I am a healer, who refuses to heal.
I am Trevorlol, I am DICKSTATUS.

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  1. I've reading that, I have no further doubts about it. lol I'd love to do stuff like this, but I can never seem to follow through on these sort of things.