Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inactive Dicking

Trolling Protocol; Section3:SegmentA-5 states that "Trolling is an art, and a troll is an artist."
Trolling Protocol; Section6:SegmentB-2 states that "Ethics is a code that applies to the weak."

Within World of Warcraft I often found myself in positions where I would wonder if I had taken my trolling too far.
With such bizarre and complicated schemes, as to make somebody kill themselves in game out of frustration, you can often find yourself wondering if what you are doing is right.
To troll is more than to make somebody mad, it's a form of mental combat in which the loser is identified by the amount of rage they are radiating.

For the longest part of my WoW career I played a mage. Mages are fun to troll with due to the pure amount of escape mechanics and Crowd Control, such as turning the player into a sheep, or freezing them in place.

Though, the most effective form of trolling in PvP is really just a lack of all action. When you go into a BG, the only way to get kicked out is to be marked afk by your fellow players, but if you are not afk this isn't going to work, so effectively there is no way to get a BK RANDY out of a game if he doesn't want to leave.
I like to think of myself as a WoW double agent, my character may be alliance, but i am definitely helping the horde far more. I start the games with the spamming of the best strategic maneuvers I can muster, such as, "Kill the bad guys!" or "Don't die too much.". From this I often find myself using most of the match to just run around the map, spectating fellow player to make sure they were following my orders. 
When asked about my lack of any actual help, I only implied that they were too bad to deserve my help and that I could win this game solo if all these people weren't here to hold me back.

When you troll in a Battleground, a weird thing happens, the other players turn against eachother.
Some players can smell the scent of a troll from a mile away, lucky for me, most players with this gift use it to help the troll, meaning as soon as i start trolling, I have other trolls in the game that will eventually take over, meaning once again, I can be responsible for the rising anger levels of others without actually having to do any real trolling.
An unrelenting assault is one that doesn't end when you quit giving it, much like a good dicking.

"A troll army is an army of hate, except it isn't an army."

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