Friday, March 4, 2011

Dicks of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the largest collection of Trolls in one online game.
The type of people who play WoW are quite disgusting, trolls and try hards come in at an alarming 87% of the subscribers, while another 10% are gold farmers, and the last 3% are people who actually play WoW because they enjoy the experience.
I am part of the majority.
The thing that makes WoW so appealing to me is the fact that to progress takes a decent amount of teamwork, any game that requires teamwork is a game I will play, and destroy for the average player.
For example, a hobby of mine is to set up raids for end-game content, meaning the hardest of the hard. When I get the group full, we are ready to begin this terrific experience.
I will always start each raid in a very serious manner, giving orders on how to down each mob, being very strict and serious in every regard. Now this trolling maneuver I am about to pull off is a great one as they do not know they are being trolled, meaning the anger is slowly raising but it is not being released, this is the sweetest kind of victory... When we get to the first boss I claim to have found a full proof strategy on how to kill him, this strategy is of course completely bogus and one that I have made up on the spot. Now this strategy will continue to fail, time after time, but everytime we fail, I pick one person and blame the whole wipe on them, this is all it takes to keep the group morale up, as all they have to do is pick one person to hate, and the person isn't even me.
So now that I have the group hating one person, no matter what happens it is ALWAYS his fault... I have created a scenario in which people troll each other for me, when a plan works out this great sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy.
Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.
It's a great world we live in when everybody you'll ever meet can be manipulated so easily.
I miss WoW.

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