Friday, February 18, 2011


As it turns out I am also a fan of fighting games.
This includes, but is not limited to, mortal kombat, street fighter, marvel vs capcom, and tekken.
I like all these games for the reason of unless you are fighting a very skilled player, all these games are broken.
They are broken in different ways, but they are broken.
I am the guy who plays these games and is constantly thinking to myself, "What is the cheapest possible thing I could do in this situation?" The answer is usually, "Spam.".
Let's take Street Fighter for instance. Just earlier today me and my friend Rob were playing, I play as Ken and he uses Blanka. My strategy is as follows:
1. Haduken
2. Haduken
3. Haduken
4. Jump forward and kick
5. Haduken
6. Haduken
7. ????????

Now, as I am doing this to Rob he is obviously appreciating the amount of skill I am displaying and is congratulating me in such manners as "Oh, that isn't cheap.", "Oh cmon!", "DAH PHAWK?", and "FUCKSHITFUCKSHITCMONDUDE!"

I have to hand it to him though, he never rage quit.

He just quit in a fit of rage.


  1. That sounds like a pretty solid victory to me.

  2. lol, I like fighting games too but come on lol

    I need some clicks on my blog. Money's been nonexistant!